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FCA US DriveAbility - Dodge Grand Caravan - Other Modifications

Other Equipment

From alerting devices to tie-downs, many modifications can be installed for added safety and security. Here are some benefits of other available modifications.

Compatible Vehicles

An assortment of modifications is compatible with all of our vehicles. If you need help finding adaptive equipment that’s right for you, click below.

Ram Promaster Other Equipment - Video

Modify and Simplify

The modifications in your vehicle were designed specifically to ensure a safer and more secure ride for you and your passengers, giving everyone reassurance and peace of mind.

Dodge Caravan - Other Equipment

The adaptive equipment
that’s right for you.

Dodge Caravan Other Equipment - Video
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Text, Dodge Caravan. A red van is parked on the street. The door is open on the side of the van and a ramp unfolds automatically. Text, automatic side ramp. The inside of the van is open. A man kneels next to a boy in a wheelchair inside the van where the wheelchair is secured by straps. Text, tie-downs.

The boy and the man interact with a young girl. A woman kneels next to the boy in the wheelchair and the girl and the man stand behind him on a sidewalk.

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Compatibility Chart

Compatibility Chart

Find the vehicle that best suits your needs with this handy chart. Then, go!

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