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Mighty Maya and her family never let life’s speed bumps stop them.

With her can-do attitude and sweet smile, Maya takes on whatever life throws her way with positivity and wonder.

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[00:00:00.00] Maya.

[00:00:00.63] SPEAKER 1: What we deal with challenges, I mean, to me it's about balance. It's that balance of like tough love and trying to act like nothing's different. But then things are different.

[00:00:13.84] SPEAKER 2: So it's not talking about Maya and her CP, it's the adventures that Maya has, the things that she does and overcomes. There's a lot of planning that goes into everything. So you have to think about, what can we access, how far are we going to have to walk. Even as far as going to a beach, we're always kind of thinking, how far does the pavement go, so how far will Maya have to walk or will we have to carry her.

[00:00:37.07] And having a vehicle that allows us to all be together and to all spend time together and to be able to access things we wouldn't normally be able to access is amazing for our family.

[00:00:48.56] SPEAKER 3: What really makes it good for Maya is that she can believe in herself and how she can catch up with us. And that really means a lot to the family and everyone else. So it's nice that she believes in herself in everything she has to go through.

[00:01:07.46] SPEAKER 2: So a couple of years ago, Maya came up with this little thing that she would do in therapy. She would do this thing called see it then be in.

[00:01:16.35] SPEAKER 4: I picture it in my mind, and I do it.

[00:01:20.93] SPEAKER 2: See the possibilities. So not what are going to be the limitations, but to me, live forward is what are the possibilities. And so that's kind of how we've been living our life with Maya is looking at the barriers and saying, how do we push through those and how do we adapt and make the best quality of life for her that she can have?

[00:01:41.57] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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"I picture it in my mind and I do it. See it, then be it!" — Maya

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