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FCA US DriveAbility - Dodge Grand Caravan - Lowered Floors and Ramps

Lowered Floors & Ramps

Floors and ramps can be installed in the side or rear of vans and minivans for easier exit and entry. Here are some more of the benefits of floors and ramps.

Compatible Vehicles

Floors and ramps are compatible with vans and minivans. If you need help finding adaptive equipment that’s right for you, click below.

Chrysler Pacifica - Lowered Ramp on Chrysler Pacifica

Enter and Exit With Ease

Lowered floors and rear and side ramps make it easier to load and unload wheelchairs and scooters. Now entering and exiting your vehicle will be less of a hassle.

Dodge Grand Caravan - Lowered Ramp on Dodge Caravan

The adaptive equipment
that’s right for you.

Chrysler Pacifica - Lowered Ramp on Chrysler Pacifica - Video
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Chrysler Pacifica. A silver van is parked on the street with the hatch up and a ramp folded down. A man walks next to a woman in a wheelchair on the sidewalk.

A woman pushes a lever next to the steering wheel. Text, hand controls. Power-assisted seating. The front door is open and the driver's seat rotates to the left until it faces out. It lowers down next to a wheelchair.

Text, easy-lift ramp. A man lowers a ramp from the back of the van. He helps the woman in a wheelchair up the ramp and straps her in. Text, tie-downs.

The woman has her hand on the lever and sits in the driver's seat and a man is in the passenger seat.

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Compatibility Chart

Compatibility Chart

Find the vehicle that best suits your needs with this handy chart. Then, go!

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