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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Please view our list of frequently asked questions to get your answer. If you could not find your answer here, please contact us directly.

Does this program apply to used vehicles?

No. This program only covers new vehicles. Find out about our available vehicles.

Does this program apply to leased or fleet vehicles?

Yes. New vehicles which are leased for a minimum of 12 months are eligible for reimbursement. Certain types of fleet sales may also qualify. Contact your dealer for additional eligibility requirements. Also, see the reimbursement application for complete guidelines. (A downloadable PDF is available or call (800) 255-9877.)

Does factory-installed optional equipment qualify for this program?

No. Factory-installed optional equipment is not reimbursable under the DriveAbility Program guidelines.

Do I need a prescription or note from my doctor?

Possibly. For running boards, alerting devices and other similar type adaptations, you’ll need to provide a prescription or medical documentation on physician’s letterhead. However, for many adaptations, such as driving devices and wheelchair or scooter hoists, you are not required to provide a medical note or prescription from a doctor. See the reimbursement application for complete guidelines or contact your dealer for additional eligibility requirements and supporting documentation that may be needed.

Does the equipment have to be installed by a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, FIAT® or ALFA ROMEO dealership?

No. Any qualified adaptive equipment dealer selected by the customer may install equipment. Stellantis recommends major structural modifications be completed by a factory-approved conversion company recognized as a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. There is also a list of resources to help guide you to any information you may need as you go through the selection process.

What is the time limit for this reimbursement?

The adaptive equipment must be installed within six months of vehicle purchase or lease. A claim form and all associated paperwork must be submitted to DriveAbility Program Headquarters within 60 days of complete installation of adaptive equipment. (For complete guidelines, see the online application or call (800) 255-9877.)

Can this program be used as a rebate and applied to the purchase or lease price of the vehicle?

No. This is a reimbursement toward the cost of the adaptive equipment. If an eligible minivan is purchased or leased with a lowered floor already installed, the dealer has the ability to apply your $1,000 reimbursement at the time of sale. Reimbursements for all other vehicle and equipment applications will be sent directly to the customer after the completed application is received and will not be taken off the vehicle price at time of purchase. See your local dealer for details.

Can I use this reimbursement in addition to other incentives?

DriveAbility reimbursements are available to customers and may be in addition to any other applicable cash or lease incentive programs in effect at the time you purchase or lease your new vehicle. Also, the DriveAbility reimbursement will not be affected by any additional outside funding you may secure to help cover the costs of your vehicle conversion. See your local dealer for details.

Can you help finance the adapted vehicle I purchase or lease?

Yes. We can help you finance the cost of your new vehicle, as well as any modifications you make to it. Conventional financing is available through Ally Financial or Chrysler Capital to all qualified new vehicle buyers. Get more information about financing.