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Jay and Ali

Watch how Jay and Ali's combined passion for serving others serves their business well.

Dodge Grand Caravan - Jay and Ali's Story Video
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[00:00:00.00] Jay and Ali, owners.

[00:00:01.78] SPEAKER 1: The roots of our business came from the volunteer work before we met each other. When I did my intense one on one services with special needs people, I would see how people would pull up, drop somebody off or pick them up. And I said I need my own transportation company.

[00:00:19.33] Van with ramp. Med Sync.

[00:00:21.46] SPEAKER 2: I personally suffer from my MS and that can be different from day to day. You want to be as comfortable as you can. And of course, when you're going down the road, it's never really a smooth ride. Our vans give that smooth ride.

[00:00:44.85] SPEAKER 2: In our line of work it can get very stressful like that. There's so much involved. There are days when we have taken a patient home from the hospital and they can't get inside the home. So what do we do, just leave them there? No. We provide equipment such as a ramp to get them into the home.

[00:01:04.48] SPEAKER 1: You want to give them as much dignity as possible. Truly, we say, sell all your vehicles and buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle. And that's a vehicle everyone can ride, if you want to make a person that has this new situation able to join in at every turn. The specialty vehicle is set up so it keeps that person right in with the flow of the family, socializing, and living their life going forward.

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Dodge Grand Caravan - Lowered Floors and Ramps - Room for Friends

Service with a Smile

Sliding doors and adaptability are the cornerstones of a minivan that is built for service. Chrysler Voyager has got it all.

Dodge Grand Caravan - Equipping is Effortless

Space That Adjusts

Seats that can be easily removed or folded, plus up to 165 cu. ft. of passenger space makes Voyager amazingly adaptable inside.

Dodge Grand Caravan - Load Up and Get Out With Ease

Compatibility to the Max

From a tailgate and sliding door that opens with a touch of a fob, access to Voyager is easy.

Dodge Grand Caravan - Lowered Floors and Ramps - Designed to Carry

Open for Business

With added adaptable equipment like a ramp, your Chrysler Voyager can take on any passenger and meet their every need.

Dodge Grand Caravan - Jacobs Quote

"You want to give them as much dignity as possible. You want them to join in at every turn."
– Jay & Ali

Dodge Grand Caravan - Other Equipment - Safety First

Buckle Up

Available adjustable straps for keeping wheelchairs in place ensure safety on the road. And peace of mind for everyone on board.

Holistic Vehicle

With Voyager in their corner, Jay and Ali find that the possibilities are endless for anyone wishing to live forward.

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Dodge Grand Caravan - Equipment Video

Ramp Up

Accessibility is easy with a fold-away ramp that’s simple to manipulate.

Dodge Grand Caravan - Safety First

Pack the Back

140.5 cubic feet of maximum cargo room means everything can go with you.

Dodge Grand Caravan - Other Equipment - Perfect Fit For Jacob

Simple Up and Down

With wide-open sliding doors and plenty of space inside, getting in and out of Voyager is easy.

Designed for Good

Everything is within reach, and meets all the latest design cues and safety attributes, all making Voyager special.

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Dodge Grand Caravan - Perfect Fit For Jacob

What Caregivers Care About

The completely adaptable Chrysler Voyager gives every caregiver, and their customers, the power to live forward.

Dodge Grand Caravan - Perfect Fit For Jacob

Easy from the Ground Up

Add adaptable equipment like a manual ramp and your open-door policy is obvious in Voyager.

Compatibility Chart

Compatibility Chart

Find the vehicle that best suits your needs with this handy chart. Then, go!

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Dodge Grand Caravan - Get Started

Get Started

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