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Eric McElvenny

He lost a leg in Afghanistan fighting for his country. Now, this vet seems to be winning at every turn.

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[00:00:00.36] ERIC MCELVENNY: My name is Eric McElvenny Captain United States Marine Corps and I I'm a triathlete. So back in 2011, I was deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan. And on that deployment on a patrol, I stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device, an IED, and I triggered the explosion underneath my right foot. And that led to the amputation of my right leg and some injury to my left leg and started the next journey.

[00:00:25.94] My life changed. Change is hard. And really quickly I had people come to my side and support me. My commanding officer sent me an email asking me when I'm going to run my first marathon. And that's when it clicked, I don't have to worry about what it is I can't do anymore. I get to focus on what I can do. And I have just a wonderful family who supports me and has expectations and we set a goal and started moving forward.

[00:00:51.39] He bikes.

[00:00:52.07] I get to travel around compete in athletic events, in triathlon and marathons and whatever it is. You know, I have a huge bag of different prosthetic legs because I have a different prosthetic for biking, for running. I have my wetsuit, everything that I need. For me to be able to just toss everything in the back of my truck has really just gave us the capability of competing. Not only putting stuff in my truck, but then my family in the back seat, and we only need one vehicle to get from point A to point B.

[00:01:18.59] Truck.

[00:01:19.49] When I first saw the Gladiator, I was impressed. It's a strong, rugged truck. It has a great heritage. You know it's dependable. And I know that it is capable of helping me live the lifestyle that I live. Instead of focusing on what it was that we couldn't do anymore, we decided to look into the future, to set some goals, to move forward, and start a really amazing journey.

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Jeep Gladiator - Physical Upfitness

Physical Upfitness

With a lift to take his chair and the payload to handle the equipment, triathlete and American hero Eric McElvenny utilizes Jeep® Gladiator to meet his every challenge.

Jeep Gladiator - Lowered Floors and Ramps - Capability Abounds

Capability Abounds

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Jeep Gladiator - Hit Payload, Then Hit Pay Dirt

Hit Payload, Then Hit Pay Dirt

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*When properly equipped. See dealer for details.

Jeep Gladiator - Other Equipment - Adaptability Abounds

Adaptability Abounds

With tonneau covers by Mopar®, adapting to what the world hands you is easy in Jeep Gladiator.

Eric's Quote

"I don’t have to worry about what I can’t do anymore. I get to focus on what I can do."
– Eric

Jeep Gladiator - Always Ready to Go

Get Lifted

Being able to add a lift to a vehicle that suits his lifestyle makes Gladiator extremely suitable for extreme adventures.

Stands and Delivers

Legendary off-road capability lets Eric do his thing anywhere.

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Jeep Gladiator - Get Lifted

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Hand controls and other adaptable equipment allows Jeep Gladiators to be built to suit.

Jeep Gladiator - Total Control

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Adaptable equipment inside makes Gladiator a solid choice for those who want an interior fit for their every need.

Jeep Gladiator - Built for What Moves You

Space Race

When a triathlete like Eric is off to the next race, Gladiator is spacious enough to take his whole coaching staff (his family) along for the ride.

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Whether you’re taking it to the top, or just taking it all in, Jeep Gladiator was built for what you love to do.

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Jeep Gladiator - Always Ready to Go

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Compatibility Chart

Compatibility Chart

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